Below is a small sample of the successes and wins that people have had through working with our Real Estate Investing education. How would you like to have yourself added to this group of people?

Seth N. – “I have learned how to get new lines of credit and to use credit to reduce interest expenses. I used this knowledge to get eight new major bank credit cards at 0% interest. I have learned how to find and analyze potential rental property investments, write my business plan, acquire funding, and negotiate confidently. I did 2 real estate deals in the first year.”

Mike K. – “We’ve learned how to cut our 30-year mortgage almost in half, and in so doing saved literally tens of thousands that we would’ve had to pay to the bank in interest. Also, because of what we learned about taxes, we were able to go from paying a lot every year to now getting back more than we previously had to pay to the IRS. We are now looking forward to using our newfound knowledge to begin investing in real estate properties with the goal of creating a steady cash flow which will give us financial flexibility in our retirement – which is coming up soon!”

Alex R. – “The education has so far showed me that there are more possibilities in real estate than I ever imagined. There is so much more to it than buying, selling or holding. Within the content provided is the foundation to build whatever successful business/life you want. I personally have become more and more confident speaking about real estate with professionals and people in general since I started. It’s amazing what being educated on something can do for you when it comes to confidence.”

Alvin L. – “To sum up my experience, success is a choice—and if you choose to be successful, this is the group that will make it possible. Prior to working with this community, I worked in restaurants for minimum wage and have rented my entire life. In just 4 years, I have purchased my own home along with 85 rentals, and so much more. If a 24 year old fast food worker can do this, anyone can!”

Suzy M. – “Being a student of this real estate investing education has really opened my mind up to strategies I didn’t know existed. I’m learning how to pay off home mortgages and credit cards quicker, saving huge amounts of interest. Also, I’m finding out how to acquire houses and not pay retail pricing.”

Nancy H. – “When I was looking for information about being a real estate investor, my biggest challenge was having a roadmap and a support team to see me through. Once I started classes and being educated, my business has been transformed. I am grateful for all the support and community that comes with our classroom education, whether it is live or in a recorded format.”

Troy K. – “I’ve had an attraction for real estate and business since a youngster in grade school, before I even knew that they were my primary passions. I’m an avid reader, have higher level education from formal universities, and am a junkie for consistent personal development; however, the knowledge, resources, training, and network I’ve obtained here have helped me become a better businessman and producer. Listen – they don’t teach you this stuff in high school, or even university, and that’s why I always feel I have an advantage over many others and am 100 % proud to share this with anyone – but you better be ready to take action.”

Linda W. – “The Education that my husband, JC and I have been taking has taught us about financial flexibility and entrepreneurship. This businesses started out as a side hustles, while we had full time corporate America high end executive JOBS. It took us 3 years to get out of corporate America. It is a Win, Win, Win for us because my husband is a super intellect with an MBA and I am a relationship person and love solving puzzles and working with people. We are very grateful to be in this business and will continue for many more years to come.”

Dan S. – “When I started my online classes the Tax and Legal classes gave me the confidence to start my company and be self-employed. I was given great guidelines on how to structure my business and how to save with tax deductions and instead of being in the 22%-24% bracket I was able to get down to 12% with my deductions which translates to thousands in my pocket. I love Velocity Banking, I was able to save $11,489 in the past 6 months on my mortgage and that’s just the start! Now I’m diving deeper in my real estate classes and planning on buying some Buy-and-Hold single family homes.”

Tenesha B. – “The benefit of becoming apart of the community has helped me recognize opportunities and financial strategies. I’ve also developed genuine authentic relationships within our community. The weekly study groups also motivate me to continue working on my self development and leadership skills. It’s a true inspiration connecting with goal orientated individuals.”

Kamy V. – “Since getting educated about business and finances I have started a business and built-up business credit. I have also been encouraged to be more social and confident – which were both things that I had struggled with.”