I’ve been learning a lot recently on how to make my businesses more profitable. Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned and implemented.

1) Scheduling

Without a schedule, it is very easy to waste all kinds of time. Even if you think you’re very productive, as I did, I was still wasting time left and right. Did you know that a mere 30 minutes wasted a day adds up to 16 lost 8 hour work days a year? That’s over 2 weeks of time wasted!

So what I did was create a schedule in Excel with 30 minute time blocks. I filled in all the non-negotiable that I felt like must be accomplished. I leave extra blank spaces around them so that I can take appointments from clients. At the beginning I was overestimating what I could accomplish on a daily basis, so I got more realistic. But by doing this, I found that I accomplished much more because instead of sitting around wondering what to do next, or flat out wasting time, I was methodically moving down the list of things to do.

2) Affirmations

This has definitely made it on to my schedule as a non-negotiable. I spend 30 minutes daily speaking out loud positive affirmations to myself. I visualize them as I speak them. I speak them in the present tense. For example: “I am skilled at creating leads. I have more leads than I have time.” or “I am grateful for money because it allows me to live an abundant lifestyle and be a blessing to others.”

The reality in your life starts with thoughts. Make those thoughts positive, and speak them as if they are already real for you. You’ll be amazed what your thoughts will accomplish for you.

3) Consistent Action

This is something that having a schedule makes it easy for me to do. I have blocked out time on my schedule for certain activities, and I don’t let other seemingly important things displace them on my calendar. So when I setup a time to take action such as reaching out to leads and prospects, I honor that on my schedule and make sure that it happens. Consistently. Every day. Like clockwork.

4) Accountabilityk

I have a group of people that are doing the same type of activities as me, and I post my schedule into a FB group each week to stay accountable. I’ve highlighted the things on my schedule that I did, and left the rest unhighlighted. I want to look good in front of other people so that motivates me to make sure I do what I say I was going to do.

5) Created My “Purpose in Life”

I followed these steps to figure out what I’m passionate about.
a) List two unique personal qualities
b) List one or two ways that I enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others
c) Imagine the world is perfect. What is it like? What do people do? How do they interact with each other? How does it feel?
d) Write a single statement that embodies a-c.

By doing that I created my purpose in life, and it feels extremely good. Having this to motivate me keeps me going towards my goal.

I hope this is inspirational for you! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist you!