Making money without money sounds awesome, right? That’s pretty much what wholesaling is and can be applied to Real Estate. The basic concept is to get a property under contract at a below market price, and then sell that contract to someone else, still below market but slightly higher. You never take title to the property and you don’t need any money: you’re the middle man and you get paid at closing for your skill at finding and negotiating a great deal.

This is a powerful strategy that a lot of Real Estate Investors are starting to implement. If you really want to make a lot of money at it, you’ll need proper training. Chris Wilson is a seasoned pro at this and will be hosting a day long seminar on this topic this Saturday in Chicago.

The event costs $50, but if you would like to stream the event live from home on your own computer, I will cover the event cost for you. I just ask that you actually pay attention and learn something.

For those of you in the Milwaukee area, I will be going to the live event, and would welcome people to car pool with me. I’ve only got so many seats in my car, but if too many people want to come I will rent a van. Going to the live event will be more rewarding than streaming from home, and I would ask that you cover your own $50 ticket if you come with me. Like I said however, if you haven’t got the money, I’ll cover the cost to stream it for you.

Saturday July 22
9am-5pm (one hour lunch break)
Cost: $50 (I will cover your cost)
Where: Chicago (stream live from home or go to event with me)