Sell Your Home

I want to buy your house. How’s that for getting straight to the point? I buy homes in the Waukesha and Milwaukee counties and would love to find a solution to your problem. Maybe you need to move quickly, your house has too many repairs for you to do on your own, you owe too much and can’t afford the payments, or any number of other challenges. I think creatively and specialize in helping sellers come up with a solution that is a win-win situation for everyone.

One of the great things about being a real estate investor is that I get to make a difference in the community. I am able to beautify homes that are in disrepair and at the same time provide clean safe housing for people who need a place to live.

When contacting me, please let me know the address of the house you wish to sell, why you’re selling and your asking price. From there we can move forward to create the best possible solution for both of us.