My name is Ian and I have a background in photography. I am using real estate investing as the vehicle to support my passion for photography. After college I worked on cruise ships for about 3 1/2 years traveling around the globe and while I really enjoyed the travel and all the opportunities that I had to photograph exotic places around the world, I didn’t really have the freedom that I wanted because of the schedule and lifestyle of being on a luxury cruise liner. So I moved back to the States and decided to root myself somewhere and make enough money so that I could travel around the world and take all the time I needed to photograph how I pleased. After being in the States for about a year I found a real estate investing training program and jumped on the opportunity to learn. That was in November of 2014.

Since June of 2015 I’ve been working with a group of real estate investors here in Milwaukee and have been able to learn a great deal about estimating rehab costs on properties with both fix n flip and rental units in mind. I’m now working on developing my own rental property portfolio.

You’re probably wondering why the name “Frozenfires”. Well I’m glad you asked! I’ve always been fascinated with oxymorons and I wanted something that was easy to remember. Frozenfires fit the bill so it stuck. Pretty basic explanation but I really like the imagery frozen fires implies.